Obsidian Bracelets #1

2 oz.

Obisidian Bracelet

COLOR Brown, black, blue, green, rainbow, red-black, silver, gold-sheen
APPEARANCE Shiny, opaque, glass-like, all sizes, sometimes tumbled
ATTRIBUTES: Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize and is a stone without boundaries or limitations. As a result it works extremely fast and with great power. Nothing can be hidden from obsidian. It needs careful handling and is best used under the guidance of a qualified therapist as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths rushing to the surface. Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity and absorbs negative energies from the environment, and strengthens in times of need. A very helpful stone for highly sensitive people, blocking psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influence. Placing Obsidian by the bed or under the pillow can draw out mental stress and tension, and may have a calming effect. It also anchors the spirit into the body and stimulates growth on all levels. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs helping you to know who you truly are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas, bringing a depth and clarity to emotions and it also promotes qualities of compassion and strength.
HEALING: Obsidian's greatest gift is insight into the cause of disease. It aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept and promotes physical digestion. It detoxifies, dissolving blockages and tension in the physical and subtle bodies, including hardened arteries. It reduces the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps, and injuries. An elixir is beneficial for shock. It alleviates pain and stanches bleeding, benefiting the circulation. This stone warms the extremities. It can be used to shrink an enlarged prostate.