Sugilite Rings #1

1 oz.

Sugilite Ring - Size 8

COLOR Purple, violet-pink
APPEARANCE Opaque, lightly banded or, rarely, translucent, all sizes, often tumbled
ATTRIBUTES: Sugilite is one of the major "love stones," bringing the purple ray of energy to earth, representing spiritual love and wisdom and opens all the chakras to flow of that love, bringing them into alignment. Sugilite inspires spiritual awareness, while promoting channeling abilities. Sugilite teaches you how to live from your truth and reminds the soul of its reasons for incarnating. It accompanies moving into past lives or the between-lives state to retrieve the cause of disease. This stone finds answers to all the great questions of life such as "why am I here?", "where did I come from?", "who am I?", and "what else do I need to understand?" It is a useful accompaniment to spiritual quests of all kinds. This living stone protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointments and relieves spiritual tension, helping sensitive people and light workers to adapt to the earth vibration without becoming mired or despondent. Sugilite can help to bring light and love into the darkest situations. Aiding forgiveness and eliminating hostility, Sugilite is a useful stone when working with groups as it resolves group difficulties and encourages loving communication. Sugilite is beneficial for misfits of any kind, people who do not feel the earth is their home, and those who suffer from paranoia and schizophrenia, and is excellent for autism, helping to ground the soul more into the present reality, and overcoming learning difficulties. This stone also promotes understanding the effects of the mind on the body and its place of disease. Emotionally, Sugilite imparts the ability to face up to unpleasant matters, alleviating sorrow, grief, and fear, promoting self forgiveness. This stone also encourages positive thoughts and reorganizes brain patterns that underlie learning difficulties such as dyslexia, supporting the overcoming of conflict without compromise. Sugilite benefits cancer sufferers, gently releasing emotional turmoil and alleviating despair. It draws off negative energy and lends loving support, channeling healing energy into body, mind, and spirit. 
Healing: An exceptionally good pain reliever, the manganese in Sugilite clears headaches and discomfort at all levels. It treats epilepsy and motor disturbances and brings the nerves and brain into alignment. Light colored Sugilite purifies lymph and blood.