Tektite Crystals #1

3 oz.

Tektite Crystal

COLOR Black or dark brown, green (Moldavite)
APPEARANCE Small, glassy, densely translucent
ATTRIBUTES: Because of its extraterrestrial origin, Tektite s believd to enhance communication with other worlds and to encourage spiritual growth through absorption and retention of higher knowledge and it forms a link between the creative energy and matter. Tektite heps y to release undesirable experiences, rememberting lessons learned and concentrating on those things that are conductive to spiritual growth, taking you deep into the heart of a matter, promoting insight into the true ause and necessary action. Placed on the chakras, Tektite balances the energy flow and may reverse a chakra that is spinning the wrong way. It is also helpfu for telepathy and clairvoyance, if Tektite is placed on the third eye it opens communication with other dimensions and strengthens the biomagnetic sheath around the body. Tradotopma;;u, Tektites have been worn as talismans for fertility on all levels. This stone balances male and female energies within the personality.
HEALING: Tektite reduces fevers, aids the capillaries and circulation. It prevents the transission of diseases. Certain types of Tektites have been used for psychic surgery.