Tibetan Quartz Crystals #1

1 oz.

Tibetan Crystals

APPEARANCE Long, pointed crystals, transparent, milky or striated, often in clusters, all sizes
ATTRIBUTES: Tibetan Quartz occurs i single and double terminators and may have "black spot" occlusions within it, and it carries the resonance of Tibet and the esoteric knowledge that has existed there for so long. This knowlege can be attuned to when meditation with Tibetan Quartz. This knowlege can then be used instinctively in healing and in spiritual practices, and can acces the Akashic Records. This rarefied and yet grounded Quartz has a strongly centered energy that passes into the body and the ersonal self, bringing about deep healing and energizing of the subtle bodies, and can purify and energize the meridians.
HEALING: Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition, stimulating the immune system and bringing the body into balance. It is also excellent for soothing burns and harmanizing the chakras while aligning the subtle bodies.