THInK Unique Employee's

Christopher J. Lott Cool 

(Production and Store Manager)

          Christopher J. was born in Idaho Falls and loves his family and spending time together in great outdoors. He rides dirt bikes with his sons in the summer and snow machines in the winter. He enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, golf, pool and target practice whenever given the chance. He is a greatful father of three beautiful baby boys who are also Vianna's Grandchildren. He loves to play hard and work evan harder. Christopher has been working for Vianna for almost 7 years and started his journey through this company willing and ready to learn and help Vianna achieve her dreams and goals. He started out as a sales associate and decorative designer in THInK Unique and quickly advanced into the shipping department where he excelled and ran for almost 4 years. Almost 3 years ago he was given the opportunity to go to school for camera's, lighting and video editing. He has been our behind the scenes guy and always willing to lend a helping hand with all of the different projects going on at the institute and store. He has been managing Vianna's gift shop since october 2011 and continually working on up coming material for Vianna and her ThetaHeaing® modality. 
            I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you Vianna and everything you have given me the opportunity to achieve and accomplish during my time with this company. You have always been there for me as a mother, teacher, employer, and friend and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a very special and important person in my life and I will always love you like a son.
Christopher J. Lott
Production & Store Manager
1-208-524-0808 Ext:12

Andy J. Stibal Cool 

(Sales & Coffee Bar Associate)

            Andy J. Stibal was born in Rawlings, WY and grew up on the Stibal family ranch and homestead. He is Guys first son and enjoys the great out doors like most people from this area. He is extremely fond of his daughter and was recently engaged to a lovely girl who has children of her own. Spending most of his time with his Family is very important to Andy, but when Andy isn't with his loved ones he enjoys riding dirt bikes, fishing, camping, pool, digging in his truck and walking his dog. He worked for a mason company for many years and managed a lawn care company before he finally came to work for us and join our dedicated team of employees. Andy has only been with us 9 months but has proven his work ethic and dedication to learning all of our unique inventory, and I cant forget to mention his great customer service. Andy has grown so much in these last 9 months and we are extremely proud of him and looking forward to having him with us for many years to come.
Andy J. Stibal
Sales & Coffee Bar Associate
1-208-524-0808 Ext:14